bodyshell restoration and maintenance


190sl rusty shell190sl on restoration jigWe can take a rusty shell, such as that shown below and turn it into one that is far better protected than it ever was when new.

Once the shell has been stripped of all it’s component parts (which are separately stored to ensure parts don’t get lost and get reunited with the correct vehicle!), it is carefully shotblast to expose all the rust (in the case of the 190SL for example, the bonnet, bootlid and doors are stripped by hand due to their aluminium construction).190sl in painthshop during restoration

Once the shell is back in the workshop, depending on the amount and location of the repairs required, the shell is mounted on a device to enable unrestricted access to the underside.  The inner structure is then repaired as necessary before outer panels are either repaired or replaced. Due to our experience we are able to source those panels that are required or manufacture them if no longer available.  Whilst we embrace developments in paint and materials, we continue to undertake ‘traditional methods’ as used when the cars were originally built, such as lead loading.

Etch primer is first applied to the bare shell with particular attention given to body seams and joints and is then treated with modern spray sealant.  This is then painted in either body colour or a colour agreed by the client.

Where a full body restoration is not required, we are able to do repairs as necessary that are long-lasting as before and after pictures below show on recent work on a 914-6 Porsche.

Bodywork patch cut awayRestored body panel sectionCoachbuilt restoration panelRestoration of 190sl body panel