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Mercedes Benz 190SL
Mercedes Benz 190SL
MAKE: Mercedes Benz
mODEL: 190SL
yEAR: 1960
eNGINE: 1.9
PRICE: £ £41000
As with virtually all these cars, this particular 190SL was supplied new to America, a Mercedes-Benz UK build sheet on file confirming that it was built on 12th May 1960. It is not known who the first owner was but the second was a Mr Bradley K Werner who purchased the car on 21st March 1973 and was to keep it for the next 41 years before selling it to a Mr David Hall of Harrison Automotive on 6th August 2014 who then had it shipped back across the Atlantic to Guernsey. The current owner acquired the car in November last year and had it taken to Manchester. Being offered here as a restoration project, the car is believed to be largely complete although a few minor items are known to be missing, including the inlet manifold, radiator and hood frame. All three of the original identification plates are still affixed to the car which also comes with an original factory hard top. Documentation includes the aforementioned build sheet and a NOVA reference and import papers confirming that all duties have been paid, so getting it UK registered should not present any problems with the requisite DVLA form.
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