classic engine services


engineEngine rebuilds and major mechanical work is undertaken by Brian Gunney – who is very much old school in his approach to things mechanical.

If a car is brought in to the workshop with a specific problem, 40 years experience in the business means that there is very little he hasn’t come across before – ironically, many of the cars that now come in through the door, Brian used to work on when they were new!

Full engine rebuilds are all undertaken in house and are very much tailored to what the customer wants and can afford.
Taking a 190SL engine as an example, if the engine doesn’t run, or hasn’t been run for a considerable period of time, it is initially stripped of all it’s parts, which are carefully boxed and bagged.  Parts such as the crankshaft, cylinder head, conrods and pistons are then all taken to a local engineering company to confirm whether the parts are within acceptable tolerances.  If the customer wishes, we have a wide range of contacts to source replacement parts or can often source from our own stock – as a matter of course, we will always endeavour to use genuine Mercedes parts wherever possible to ensure the longevity of the work .  Items such as carburettors, distributors, dynamos are all rebuilt where necessary to ensure that the finished product performs as well if not better than it would have when new.

engineOnce all the ancillaries and machined parts have been completed, the build up begins.  Engine blocks are painted in the original factory finish using modern materials to ensure longevity and other parts shotblast and hand finished to achieve the desired finish.

Once the engines are completed, they are run on a specially designed test bed to ensure that there are no problems and are carefully brought up to operating temperatures.  Assuming all is well, the engine is then re-installed in the car ready for careful and appropriate running in mileage prior to the car being ready for collection.
Essentially, the same approach is taken for all engines that we rebuild for customers – from Lotus Twin Cams, through Alfa twin cams and Porsche’s.

We can also supply the correct, fully rebuilt, Solex PHH carburettors for the Mercedes 190SL to ensure that cars look correct but more importantly drive correctly. These are also usually available on an exchange basis.