Given that the majority of the cars that we work on are over 40 years old, interiors are often in need of serious attention.

190sl seat upholstered by Redcatle ClassicsRestored door cards by Redcastle ClassicsOnce the degree of work has been agreed with the customer, the interior parts are repaired where necessary, or remanufactured (such as door panels).  After many years of use, seat frames tend to require repairs to the bases (especially in open cars), and appropriate re-springing.

The repaired seat frames and door panels are then expertly retrimmed by a local coachtrimmer to ensure a perfect fit.

Merecedes RennwagenWe are also able to supply and fit new hoods for 190SL’s through to W107 Mercedes as well as Alfa Romeo 101 and 105 spiders.  Whilst most of these cars spend the majority of the time with their tops down, we work hard to ensure that any convertible car that has had a new hood fitted by us, has a great fitting hood, should the car get caught in a shower!

A recent project required a special tonneau cover to be produced, encompassing the roll hoop.

Restored dashboard on 190slLeather dashtops on 190SL’s are a notoriously difficult thing to get right, but thanks to the experience of many restorations, these can be fitted as neatly as they were when the cars left the factory.

Carpet sets can be sourced for all the cars we routinely work on – taking the 190SL for example, many customers prefer to replace the original rubber floor mats for plusher carpet – we are able to source the correct square weave, boucle carpet (as used in the rest of the car) if this is what is required. We can also supply remanufactured rubber floor mats for the 190SL for those whom originality is of paramount importance.