It is all very well having a fully refurbished bodyshell and interior, but if the mechanicals are tired, then a key component of why these cars are so special is missed.

The essential question that customers are asked is what their intentions for the finished car are - the level of mechanical work required for a car to compete in an historic rally is significantly different to one that will see light road use.

Once the customer’s needs have been established, an analysis of what needs to be completed is completed.  A car undergoing a complete restoration will see all of its components stripped, checked, replaced if necessary or repainted if in good condition.  All of this work is undertaken in house.  If the car is not receiving a full rebuild, then customers can discuss what work needs to be completed along and with what priority.  This then helps customers budget appropriately and ensures that the cars are available to the owner for as much time as possible.

Classic car sub frame refurbished by Redcastle ClassicsMechanical restoration by Redcastle ClassicsWe can undertake the necessary work on:-
• full suspension - including brakes, hydraulics and rear axle rebuilds.  As with our engine rebuilds, these are done with manufacturer or original equipment parts where available.
• gearbox overhauls and repairs as necessary.

We are also experienced in engineering upgraded parts to cars.  We always prefer that these modifications are done with sympathy to what would have been available in period.  A good example of this is the Alfa Romeo spider that belonged to Simon Gunney.  A stock appearance 1964 101 Guilia Spider on the outside, actually had a an early ‘70’s 2.0 105 Alfa engine, gearbox (including limited slip differential) and larger brakes – a great hot rod!  Here it is taking part at a trackday at Goodwood where it certainly surprised quite a few people!

When the car has received a complete restoration, it is always out aim to make the underside as clean and shiny as the top surfaces, even if very few people will ever see it!

Classic Alfa underside - Simon GunneyAlfa undersideSimon Gunney in classic Alfa on track