classic car restoration process


1950's Mercedes190sl The following is the process followed where a car is received in the workshop for a complete rebuild.

Once the customer has agreed to the work being carried out, the car is brought into the workshop, where it is carefully stripped of it’s constituent parts.  Once the car is stripped, it is treated with an appropriate media – be that careful shotblasting or dry stripping for aluminium panels.  Further details of the work we carry out on the bodyshells can be seen in the bodywork page.

Restoration of body by Brian Gunney CardiffThe shell is then repaired where necessary using repair panels where available or remanufactured in-house where not.

Once the shell has been repaired, and final preparations made for painting, the completed shell is then built back up.

Paintwork by Simon Gunney CardiffClassic car suspension by Gunney CardiffElectrical wiring is normally reinstated first, after being thoroughly checked or replaced if beyond sensible repair.  This is followed by the refurbished mechanical parts, suspension , steering and brakes.  These are then followed up by the engine and associated ancillaries.

Once all of the mechanical components have been refitted, the interior of the car is then tackled.  The choice for the interior of the car is discussed in detail with the customer to confirm what they desire and our experience as to what is correct from an authenticity point of view ensures that customers make an informed decision.Mercedes restoration by Gunney CardiffInterior restoration of Mercedes by Brian Gunney of South Wales

Once the car is back together, it is given a comprehensive road test to ensure that the car is ready to be returned to it’s owner – the aim being to ensure that the customer has a car back that is ready to be used and enjoyed as intended.

Throughout the restoration process, customers are invited to visit the workshops so that they can see for themselves progress on their car – thus enabling them to feel that they have an active part in the work.

Timescales for complete restorations are difficult to give as each car is unique.  We will always attempt to work with customers so that the work is done over a period that they are comfortable with and that they can afford.